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    The Bushranger EA50 is heavy-duty, high-powered earth auger that makes the ideal partner for hard landscaping, farm work and construction sites.

    Getting to places where mounted machines cannot reach, this powerful auger drills holes even in hard ground with its impressive 49.9 cc engine and 2.1kW output. Perfect for boring holes for fencing, sign posts, planting trees or even taking soil samples. Powered by an incredible 3.5 horsepower,

    2-stroke engine made in Japan, giving you high-performance, high torque power and long-term reliability


    • Chrome Impregnated Cylinder: BUSHRANGER™ commercial handheld products feature chrome impregnated cylinders giving them a longer life than a standard engine.
    • High torque, high-powered state of the art 50.2 cc engine makes this earth auger a must for any digging operation.
    • Worm gear transmission.
    • Engine protection frame and handle system.
    • Made In Japan.



    Power Plant Two Stroke Petrol
    Engine (cc) 49.9 cc
    Output 2.1 kW
    Fuel Capacity 1.0 Litre
    Dry Weight 10 kg (without auger)