Husqvarna RC318T Rider Collecter

Husqvarna RC318T Rider Collecter

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Item: RC318T
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Designed for homeowners who value Husqvarna quality, reliability and innovation, RC 318T is a tough, versatile Rider. Its innovative non-clogging collection system feeds clippings straight from the front-mounted cutting deck to the bag. Automatic compaction increases run time between emptying, so you get more done. Thanks to its innovative design this ride-on mower offers effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use. Service and cleaning of the cutting deck is tool-free thanks to the unique 90° service position. Its intuitive controls, excellent ergonomics, unbeaten area coverage and huge collection capacity make this a truly worthwhile investment for larger gardens.Complete with Combi Deck 103 (103cm)



Motor/engine manufacturer:                         Briggs & Stratton
Engine name:                                              Endurance Series
Net power at preset rpm Energy:                  12.6 kW
Net power at preset rpm:                              3100 rpm
Cylinder displacement:                                 656.0 cm³
Cylinders:                                                    2
Engine cooling:                                            Air
Generator:                                                  16.0 A
Power/fuel type:                                          Gasoline
Fuel tank volume (with reserve):                  12.0 l
Engine lubrication type:                               Full pressure
Oil filter:                                                     Yes

Cutting deck:


Cutting deck type:                                    Stamped
Cutting deck material:                              Steel
Cutting methods:                                     Collect/Non Collect
Cutting height max:                                 75 mm
Cutting height min:                                  25 mm
Blade engagement:                                  Automatic
Blades:                                                   3.0 pcs
Powder-coated cutting deck;                     Yes



Weight (excl. cutting equipment):                326 kg
Tyre dimensions, front:                               16x6,5-8
Tyre dimensions, rear:                                16x6,5-8
Wheelbase:                                                90.3 cm
Ground clearance:                                      95 mm
Base machine, length:                                208.9 cm
Base machine, width:                                 103 cm
Base machine, height:                                128.4 cm
Weight:                                                     326 kg

Drive system: 


Transmission type:                                    Hydrostatic
Transmission manufacturer:                       Tuff Torq
Drive method:                                           Pedal-operated
Speed forward max:                                  8 km/h
Speed reverse max:                                  7 km/h
Transmission model:                                 K66



Vibration level steering wheel:                     2.4 m/s²
Vibration level seat:                                    0.5 m/s²



Battery capacity:                                      5.5 Ah
Battery pack weight:                                1.1 lbs



Seat material:                                            PU
Seat back height:                                       High
Foldable seat:                                             Yes

Sound and Noise:


Sound pressure level at operators ear:        85.0 dB(A)
Sound power level, measured:                   99.0 dB(A)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA):       100.0 dB(A)